Hi folks, thanks for stopping by and visiting.

I am Logan McClelland, the maker behind all the work that resides here. I’ve decided to just consider myself a sort of fiber artist these days. I love manipulating fabric with paint and thread, layering, cutting, sewing, stiching.. and then seeing what it becomes. At times my work is functional, and other times it is meant purely for display.

My brain thoroughly enjoys the whole process of making…. it’s the best stress reliever, mind clearer, and happiness finder.

Inbetween making I am the mother of three wonderful children and the wife of one wonderful husband.

I’ve been a cancer mom since December 31, 2016.

My youngest son is a leukemia warrior, and our little family has rallied hard around him. As difficult as that time has been, its been a beautiful eye opener towards life in general. I’ve found myself wanting to make sure that everything I do has more intention, that my time is given towards things that are more positive… and that has woven itself into my work.

I think that about sums things up.. maybe I’ll add more here soon.. but for now this will do.

Thanks for visiting.